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D365 Vendor Consignment

As part of an announcement in the fall of 2016, D365 has introduced the capability to seamlessly integrate Vendor Consignment.  This is exciting news because many existing AX customers have pieced together their own version of Vendor Consignment using both AX and homegrown solutions.  Included in the release, which you can find here, are screen shots of what consignment will look like.   We did speak with a few representatives from Microsoft, and there will be more releases that will enhance the consignment functionality in D365.  To see this functionality you will need the latest release of D365.

From the screen shot listed below (pulled from the website reference I listed above) You can see that there will be Inventory Ownership change journals that show who the inventory belongs to; either the organization or the vendor.  This will improve inventory reconciliation.  There may not be a need to maintain vendor warehouses in your company anymore, instead you will set up a consignment warehouse.

Inventory Ownership Change Journal

Setting up these change journals will occur in the Inventory Management module.  The setup of the new warehouse will also be done in inventory setup.    You will also soon see a new flag under tracking dimension groups called “owner.”


Purchasing, Receiving, and Production will be easily handled with the new functionality.