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Quantity Cannot be Reduced

We’ve all seen this error before, “Quantity cannot be reduced because there are not enough inventory transactions…” or “Quantity cannot be reduced. The number of inventory transactions on order is too low…” You would typically come across this error when canceling a delivery remainder, updating a sales order picking list, or perhaps updating a picking list or RAF on a production order. This problem can arise for a few reasons: output orders are being used and have not been completed, output orders are not being used but are getting created and not completed, or lots of updates have been made making the ordered and on order quantities out of balance. For example, a Production order was RAF’d then reversed, and maybe a user is now trying to reserve or complete another update but the quantity on the original order has now been updated to something else. A few things you can check to find out what the origin of your error is and how to fix it:

  1. Output orders: In older versions of AX, you could go to the Inventory button from your transaction and click Output orders. In 2012 in a lot of cases depending on the configuration of your system, you may need to go to Inventory management > Inquiries > Output orders output
  2. Ending the output orders (use the Functions button above) is necessary to complete your orders.
  3. If not using output orders (i.e. you use WHS – advanced warehousing) but your system is creating them when picklists are created, you can automatically end them by ticking this box in Inventory management parameters: end output
  4. Another thing to look for is marking. Marking hard links transactions to one another to enforce reservations. For example, a sales order line could be marked to a production order so that when the production order is RAF’d putting the goods to stock, they are immediately physically reserved to the Sales order line and cannot be used elsewhere. Markings can prevent certain updates from occurring. You can find if your transaction is marked by clicking on the line then the Inventory button and selecting “Marking” marking
  5. If Marking is applied with a green check-mark in the form that opens, you can remove it then try to process the update you were attempting prior to the error.
  6. Lastly, you can force this error if you make updates to picking lists, reservations, and packing slips or RAF if you are not careful. Make sure you are updating the correct quantities and not over or under reporting then trying to reverse or fix a different quantity.


Hope this helps in your day to day maintenance!



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