Dynamics 365 has made some smart and simple changes to the new released product screen that will save your company a lot of time when creating new products as well as help you to avoid forgetting essential setup on a product.
Adrianne Johnson

Adrianne Johnson works at Socius, a D365UG/AXUG Partner member company.


Purchase Order Approval Workflow with Dynamics 365

Workflow Overview Workflow is a representation of a business process that defines who must complete a task, make a decision, or approve a document. Benefits of using workflows include consistent, to ensure documents are processed and approved in a consistent and efficient manner, processes...
Getting your company trained for AX, begins with the implementation project.  Select project team members that understand the current business processes.  These people are your subject matter experts.  And ideally will become your trainers.  This model is called “train the trainer.”
Kelly Neely

Kelly Neely works at Logan Consulting, a D365UG/AXUG partner member.


Move an AP Invoice from one vendor to another in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The daily function of an AP Clerk is to review, code and enter AP invoices.  During this task, it is very easy to enter an invoice to the wrong vendor.  These mistakes are often not found until after the transaction is posted.  So what should you do to move invoice from one vendor to another?
Andrew Lencsak

Andrew Lencsak is a Senior Consultant at eBECS, a D365UG/AXUG partner member.


Quantity Cannot be Reduced

We’ve all seen this error before, “Quantity cannot be reduced because there are not enough inventory transactions…” or “Quantity cannot be reduced. The number of inventory transactions on order is too low…” You would typically come across this error when canceling a delivery remainder, updating a...
As with any project, you should track your issues encountered during the life of the project.  Issues can range in size, priority, and timing.  I would even be so bold to say, that tracking issues (and the resolution) is more important than meeting minutes or status update sheets.
  If you are planning a Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX upgrade, here are the things you should prepare in advance to be successful:
Murray Fife

Technical Solution Professional at Microsoft


Creating Lifecycle Services Business Process Models

The Task Recorder has always been a useful tool within Dynamics AX, but with the release of Lifecycle Services, it has been upgraded to become even more useful. Now the Task Recorder includes the ability to group your recordings into separate frameworks for different purposes, and also allows you...
While preparing for an installment of the AX for Dummies series regarding Sales and Purchasing Agreements in AX, I came up with what I thought was a pretty good idea that may seem a bit unorthodox but can solve a simple company problem! Stop me if you've heard this before.
Within Dynamics AX, regardless of version, the alert functionality continues to be a valuable way to monitor periodic changes. Alerts can be as granular or as general as the user specifies, but issues can arise if the person creating the alert is not familiar with how alerts function or if too many...