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Setting up Purchase Requisitions

When creating a purchasing process in Dynamics AX, many customers decide to include purchase requisitions as part of that. There are a few things that need to be setup in order to process Purchase Requisitions. I also wanted to include a few pieces of information that are useful when creating and maintaining the Purchase Requisitions

Setup Information

  1. Workflows
    1. One of the following workflow batch jobs will need to be running:
      1. PurchReqReview- This reviews at a header level
      2. PurchReqLineReview- This reviews and is processed at a line level
    2. This workflow controls the approval process for the PR
  2. User Roles
    1. Requester- This is the user that requests the PR line
    2. Preparer- This is the user that creates and submits the PR. The preparer can create PRs for other users
    3. Reviewer- Users who must approve the Purchase Requisition


In order to process the Purchase Requisition you will need the following information:

  1. A Preparer will need to submit the purchase requisition
  2. All of the required field on the purchase requisition must be completed
  3. The purchase requisition must contain one line item

The aforementioned lists are building blocks to create bare bones Purchase Requisitions. There are several other setups to gain additional information on the purchase requisition. Many of these are contained within the purchasing policy section of Procurement and sourcing.



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