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Training - Are your users ready for Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Getting your company trained for AX, begins with the implementation project.  Select project team members that understand the current business processes.  These people are your subject matter experts.  And ideally will become your trainers.  This model is called “train the trainer.”



During the AX implementation project

  • Project team members should be trained in AX at the start of the project
  • Map your business processes adding steps that will be performed in AX
  • Use the AX native function, Task Recorder, to document steps executed in AX
  • Expand results of Task Recorder into a detailed work instruction document
  • Train some users during the project and use them as testers – include naysayers and those people actually doing the detail activities
  • Use project documentation, business process flows and work instructions, during your testing cycles

Create a Training Plan

  • Break down the various areas that need training, typically this is by department or function
  • Don’t forget the casual user and managers who may only access AX to inquire or run a report
  • Use the documented business processes and detailed work instructions in your training
  • Include exercises during the training both to execute transactions and to view transactions completed via inquiry and reports
  • Include an introduction to AX that explain general concepts, the menu, general navigation
  • Meet early with function leads and department managers to convey your plans and insure it meets their expectations

Training the Company

  • Train with your own company’s data
  • Allow time during the training session for users to navigate freely and do exercises
  • Take note of comments, suggestions, and issues raised during training – these may become development tasks or business scenarios not identified during the project
  • Schedule refresher sessions post go-live (or close to go-live if you trained people early)
  • Schedule follow up open forum Q&A sessions to answer any questions, discuss issues, clarify any training
  • Use your project team members as your instructors!
  • Have additional resources to support the instructor to take notes, roam around the room, etc.
  • Set up a hot line for questions at initial go-live
  • Position your project team members around the company and make sure they are easily identified (a bright T-Shirt works well) at initial go-live to assist users and answer questions

If you think about training early in the implementation project, you can insure that you will be ready with the time comes to train and have a smooth go-live.



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